In 1947, when India attained freedom, Indian pledged to reach unclaimed heights. During this time our founder Shri.LB Patel had envisioned to touch and transform as many lives as he could and take India to its past glory. Soon he laid the foundation on which Sahyadri Industries (SIL) stands strong today.

Today Sahyadri is a known name in India and slowly the world is discovering it too. The brands SWASTIK roofs and CEMPLY flat sheets are almost synonymous with their product categories. SIL’s innovations like ENTASAFE anti-theft doors, ECOPRO building systems and speedy SILBUILD solutions are winning hearts. While their wind farms are busy winning awards.

For six decades, SIL has shared happiness to millions. But we don’t wish to stop at this, we want to do more. After all, we MAKE IN INDIA.

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