India is home to 23 million homeless people. Although the total number of houses in India has increased, there is still a shortage of 18.78 million houses in the country. The Government’s pledge of ‘No Homeless India by 2020’ would be possible only if we build 3.76 million homes every year. For this large scale of work, India needs a fast, affordable and a durable housing solution that can help millions who are homeless.

At Sahyadri Industries, we know best how to make this promise a reality. Our building solutions are fast, durable and affordable. We have built roofs that last longer and are non-corrosive. We have built steel doors that are impossible to break into. We have built cement flat sheets that challenge cost and longevity. We have created building solutions that are speedy and strong. From the beginning, we’re committed to serve the nation with the most innovative and iconic building solutions.
  • Erect-on-site
  • Pre-engineered building technology
  • Fast-track construction
  • Easy to transport
  • Extremely sturdy and reliable