An average traditional farmer remains idle for four to six months every year, following the tradition bound farming. Lack of gainful employment through the rest of the year leads to loss of income and deep rooted poverty amongst smaller marginal farmers.

Backyard poultry farming is a social and economic answer to this problem. Sahyadri's innovative backyard poultry unit, Swastik Kukdookoo, is a call that empowers women family members of farming communities and women entrepreneurs across India and the world.

Swastik Kukdookoo is designed to supplement farmer incomes by allowing women in the family to rear poultry for meat and eggs commercially, in their backyard.
The woman of the house who otherwise in a traditional Indian rural home has less of a say in financial matters, is now empowered to participate in the running of the house and financially care for herself and her children as well.

The protein-rich meat and eggs from her entrepreneurial venture also supplement her family's nutrition. Sahyadri has tied up with several self-help groups such as Dilasa Janvikas Pratishthan to make Kukdookoo available across India.

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