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swastik corrugated cement roof sheet

Corrugated cement roofing in a coastal area: Best material for your projects in saline environments

While coastal home comes with unbeatable views, they also take a quite beating from high wind, salt, storms and many other elements. The roofing material that is used on a house in a coastal area, must be able to withstand all elements. The material needs to be strong enough to not fall apart under their environmental pressures.

Why fibre cement roof is best?

A corrugated fibre cement roof is ideal for a house in the coastal area. They are strong enough to withstand any weather conditions. Many years of testing and experience have demonstrated that fibre cement roof sheets are not affected by the salinity found in the air in coastal areas.

The advantages of fibre cement roofing sheets: –

From their impressive strength and durability to sustainability and fire safety, fibre cement roof offers many practical benefits.


Fibre cement roofing sheets properties making them fully resistant to mould, rot, moss and algae. Their robust construction ensures that there is no risk of warping, shrinkage, or breakage due to harsh weather in the structure. Unlike a metal roof that gets corrode in a coastal area, a fibre cement roof will not rust. So there no need to worry about unexpected damage to your fibre cement roof.


Fibre cement roof sheets are known for longevity. The best quality fibre cement roofs can last 40–50 years. Fibre cement roofing maintains its strength and quality performance with little need for maintenance. This benefit makes fibre cement roof an ideal choice for farmers, home and business owners looking for a long-term investment that requires less maintenance.

Low maintenance

Fibre cement roofing requires less maintenance, just by using soft sponges, water and mild detergent to remove excess dirt and debris you can keep the roof clean.

Super weather protection

Corrugated fibre cement roofing is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. Whether it is heavy rain, the wind of the coastal area or the extreme heat of the summer, the Corrugated fibre cement roofing is highly resistant to harsh weather.

Sound insulation

Fibre cement roofing sheets offer superb levels of acoustic insulation. In fact, fibre cement roofs produce much less sound than metal roofs when tested under heavy rainfall. This is another reason why people living in the coastal region opt for fibre cement roof sheets.

Why Swastik roof?

Swastik roofing sheets are manufactured from a quality blend of fibre and Portland cement using the most modern manufacturing techniques and latest process equipment. Sahyadri Industries Ltd. has monitored the product’s performance across a wide range of climatic conditions. This product from Sahyadri Industries Limited offers you aesthetic and protection from extreme weather conditions.

Your answer to the best roofing material for the coastal area is here. Make a great choice with Swastik Roof

wave designer tiles

4 Trending Fibre Cement Designer Tiles For Wall in 2021

The bathroom and kitchen are the most important part of the house. It well knows fact that bathroom and kitchen sell a house, so tiles are one of the important items to invest in. Installing fibre cement tiles is an effective way to change the look and feel of a house. These tiles are available in different kinds of designs, shape, colours, making them a perfect fit for any room. When it comes to wall tiling in your kitchen, bathroom etc. You must plan properly and trendy because a small mismatch may ruin your house image.
In this article, we will tell you some beautiful Bullboard fibre cement designer tiles that match your creativity, which can be executed in your dream home.

Bullboard Wave designer tiles
Aquatic Design Tile

The above tile looks best for the bathroom and kitchen ceiling and wall. The design in the above tiles makes it a unique piece for the kitchen and bathroom wall. The harness of fibre cement tile makes it durable for long years and its beautiful textures and patterns give a versatile and decent appearance to bathrooms. The water seepage resistant features and allergen-resistant properties make it undoubtedly the best tile option for a trendy and luxurious bathroom.

Fibre cement Pebble designer tile
Pebble Design Tile
Fibre cement Pebble and stone designer tile
Pebble and Stone Design Tile

Pebble, one of the famous design for anyone who loves the rustic beauty and tranquillity of nature. The most popular use of pebble tile are in the bathroom, with Bullboard fibre cement pebble tile, you will feel like you have added a natural element to your shower wall. Pebble tiles can be used almost anywhere, including the kitchen and the outdoors.

Stone Design Tile

Bullboard Fibre cement stone designer tile brings amazing textures into modern interior design. With its 3D effect, it adds a new dimension to the wall and taking what used to be a simple space into a whole other level. You can use these tiles in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, exterior etc.

3D Tiles are a great way to make a bathroom feel luxurious and unique. These soft raised wave designs can give a calming effect. However this design so versatile allowing you to add an area of interest in any room.
BullBoard is committed to offering sustainable building materials solutions that offer beauty, style, and performance. BullBoard fibre cement boards have the GreenPro Ecolabeland one of the premium fibre cement boards to guarantee contribution to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) credits on every project.

To know more about Bullboard fibre cement boards contact:-+91-7796448844.

external fins

4 Trending Vertical Fins Design Ideas 2021

What’s the importance of fins in Architecture?

The first thing that gives the passers-by a reason to stop and stare, is the fins of the building.

Innovative fins represent the creative vision of the architect. It provides the opportunity to create a personality and character in a building. It can also help achieve the goal of blending in with the surroundings or standing out from the crowd.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the building fins also play an important role in light transmittance, acoustics performance and energy efficiency. With innovations in materials, ideas and design, a build fin can unlock a multitude of opportunities for buildings exteriors. So, if you are looking to create a fantastic impression – here are some wonderful fins ideas that are changing the feel of modern architecture!

exterior vertical fins design ideas 2021

This one is the perfect example of fin architecture. Along with this also, add a stone cladding at the entrance. This will bring character to your home.

exterior vertical fins design ideas 2021

If you want a majestic yet simple creation then this might be just the right choice. This design is gaining popularity among architects and contractors due to its range of benefits like thermal isolation, Appropriate Light flow, Designing flexibility, Fire and Durability and multiple aesthetic possibilities.

exterior vertical fins design ideas 2021

Who like open Plumbing lines, air ducts and electrical pipe? Hmm, no one right. They are an eyesore for any building. Exposed pipes ruin our interiors and make our homes look shabby. Cover them with BullBoard Fins & get excellent ventilation too.

exterior vertical fins design ideas 2021

The design of these fins gives the office a royal look. The designer of this office has used BullBoard fibre cement board to achieve the desired look.

Above mentioned pointers are just a few picks from the pool of ideas. There are many other fins inspirations that can be used to bring in the desired transformation to your existing decor.

What are the characteristics of good fins?
 1) Easy to install
 2) Should be good resistant against fire, water and termite.
 3) Sound insulation, heat insulation
 4) Noncombustible, high strength
 5) Low maintenance
 6) Energy-efficient to reduce money on energy costs

BullBoard fibre cement boards perfectly fit the above-stated requirements. A top-rated construction material, BullBoard range is a practical solution for crafting strong and resilient fins. To know more about our products and discover fins ideas, contact us today! We’ll ensure you get the best deal.

Latest Trends in False Ceiling For Hall Using Bullboard in 2021

The most interesting part of life is building your own home, creating a home and a haven for your loved ones. While it’s easy to buy a house, but it takes lot’s of efforts and planning to create your dream home and decide its interiors. There are a thousand decisions to make while building or renovating a room, including the choice of false ceiling designs for the hall.

The fifth wall of your house or ceiling is an important part of your home interior Before ceilings were used to hide ugly wires or cracks. Nowadays, ceilings are more than that. You don’t just need to hide cracks or wires. A well designed false ceiling has become as essential as curtains and furniture.

There is a common saying that the home reflects your living standard and personality, and the decore reflect your style. Hence your choice of false ceilings design for the living room speak more about your taste.

The well design of false ceilings of the living room can reduce wastage, conserve energy, amplify and increase the sound quality in the room.

If you are looking for some amazing false ceilings ideas for your living room then this article is for you. Just go through it and share it if you like it.

Now read the AMP Story version of the same by clicking here.

Creative Layers:-

Layers are a great way to create a completely personalized ceiling. With a layered tray ceiling, your living room will look stylish yet simple. A multi-layered ceiling also opens up new avenues for lighting, colour and shape-based experiments, so don’t be afraid to flex your creative muscles!

false ceilings

Rectangular False Ceiling With White Light

This type of design is among the most famous and most used type of designs these days. It gives a chick look to your living room. You can paint the four walls of the living room in a light shade of colour that match with white false ceilings. You can refresh the look by adding decor items like indoor plants, artwork, books and curtains.

Rectangular False ceilings

CNC Cut False ceilings

A hot trend in the Indian market is CNC cutting designs. It goes great with the combination of LED lighting or hidden lights. BullBoard CNC cut not only gives your home a break from monotony but can also make your home stand out from the rest. These boards are best for improving acoustics in a room. Installing BullBoards CNC cut in false ceilings for the hall can serve as the best technique to eliminate unwanted noise.

There is an N no. of possibilities with BullBoard CNC Cut. In simple words, with CNC cutting you can design anything that you want.

Stylish Statement

If you are fond of a high-end luxurious look, consider BullBoard Fibre cement mesh board. They would create a point of interest on your ceilings and attract attention to it. They are well paired with lightings in the centre of each section, adding a charming effect throughout the space.

bullboard fibre cement mesh board

False ceilings are an important part of the home decor, one that you can’t ignore or take lightly. You will find a variety of false ceiling materials in the market, but it’s important to decide the right one for your home.

BullBoard Fibre cement boards offer a multitude of superior advantages over conventional materials. Since its introduction, it has fast become the top-rated material for false ceilings due to its extreme durability, water-resistant unlike gypsum, termite and fire resistant unlike other conventional wood-based reconstituted material like Plywood, Particle Board, MDF etc.

BullBoard is one of the leading manufacturers of customized fibre cement boards in India, offering high-quality products for a variety of applications. To get BullBoard Fibre cement boards for your interiors, call us on 7796448844 right away!

BullBoard wall cladding

Fibre Cement Boards – The Trend in Exterior Wall Cladding

Are you looking for exterior wall cladding material to make your home to be stand out in your street? Then begin with a range of wonderful design options with fibre cement boards.

Be it with new construction or renovating the old building, with the fibre cement boards material and design option you can have a visually stunning home that has a character, personality, and individual style.

Cladding with fibre cement boards not just adds an attractive look to the building also serves as a protective skin for the building and its interior against the sun, rain, wind, temperature extremes, fire, moisture, noise, pests, and even pollutants. It is an excellent insulator, safeguard against structure deterioration and make the interior more energy efficient.

Sahyadri Industries Ltd makes fibre cement boards in wood, stone, and brick patterns under the brand name of BullBoard that are perfect for exterior wall cladding purposes. The BullBoards boards are durable, easy to work with, and available in a wide range of modern design options. It is versatile and cost-effective enough to be used for large and small projects.

For homeowners who are looking for ideas on how to use BullBoards fibre cement cladding on the walls but aren’t sure where to start, there are dozens of design possibilities you can try. Check out the top exterior wall cladding ideas you can use to give your property a fresh look this year.

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Handcrafted Bricks Pattern

This design is for those who seeking something different for their walls. Its design gives your structure natural elegance and style that is also unique from other styles of cladding.

Handcrafted bricks Bullboard

It requires low maintenance, especially if you compare it with external painting. And just by simple washing, you can keep the bricks in the best condition.


CNC Cut has tremendous ways to redefine the ways of how we think of the design.CNC cutting almost revolutionized the field of designing. An exterior wall with CNC design is a unique way to show off the creative flair as well as proving a reason for viewers to observe the beauty of your workspace or home.

Bull Board CNC Design Duct Cover
BullBoard CNC Design Duct cover

Natural Wood colour

This one is a highly rated cladding option after brick and CNC cladding. This one brings attractive finishes to the wall when installed. Bullboard plank is fibre cement siding that offers a perfect solution for your cladding requirements. These planks are fire, water, and termite resistant and have a high impact strength which makes them an ideal choice to protect your exterior walls from extreme weather conditions.

BullBoard Planks

Bullboards Planks can be installed either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, meaning there’s a wide scope of design options available. Having a wider range of design options to choose from increases the probability of achieving the ideal look for your home.

Sahyadri Industries Ltd is a leading fibre cement boards manufacturer in India. Fibre cement boards are preferred by architects all over as the most optimal & cost-effective choice for exterior wall claddings. To explore a range of cladding ideas and visit the demo building, contact BullBoard today!

Wall panel

3 Wall Paneling Ideas to Add Character to Your Home in 2021

Wall paneling has come a long way! In structural and interior design, paneling is a solution to add character to your wall. It is one of the most preferred ways to enhance the attractiveness of the wall. Apart from beautifying it is a good way to hide unevenness or imperfections of the wall. This helps you give your interior a clean and orderly look.

How to decide which material to use for the wall paneling?

Today, lots of options are available in the market that you can use for paneling your walls. A few of them are Fibre cement boards, wood boards, stones, bricks, and PVC, etc. But If you are a fan of material with a smooth finish then fibre cement boards are just the perfect choice for you. Your wall will look sleek and immaculate by installing a fibre cement board on your walls. They are highly impacted and fire, water, and termite resistant, and anti-fingerprint ensuring that your wall will always look spotless.

Here I will tell you some modern design ideas that will add a touch of sophistication to your wall.

Get the look in your bedroom

Wall paneling with a fibre cement board is a beautiful addition to home decor and its ability to get into any style (any size or shape) is a shortcut to creating a personality and charging space with personality.

Wall Panelling

In your bathroom

Bathroom walls need to be resistant to water to avoid dampness or splashes on walls that they are subjected to every day. As mention earlier, you can create any look that you want for your bathroom using fibre cement boards. They are designed to be quickly and easily installed onto your walls to give an attractive and durable finish.

BullBoard Bathroom Wall panelling

In your living room

Traditionally, living room walls receive more elaborate or formal treatment than other rooms because the room is a public space. To make it a welcoming or comfortable room for the guests, that express your personality and living standard, choose fibre cement boards coverings that reflect your style.

Living room wall panelling bricks pattern

Its super smooth finish and texture offer up a banquet of gorgeous variation that serves as the perfect focal point for a stylish living room.

BullBoard is a leading fibre cement boards manufacturer in India. BullBoard comes in a wide range of finishes and styles such as Pebble, Brick, Aquatic, Wave, and Wooden texture design options for designer boards, CNC cutting design boards, Digital print, etc.

Fibre cement boards are preferred by architects all over as the most optimal & cost-effective choice for wall paneling. Our experts at BullBoards can help you design the perfect interiors for your home. Get in touch with us right away

Modular house

Construct a prefabricated structure using fibre cement boards.

Gone are the days when we had to wait longer to get possession of our house. Now the world is adopting prefabricated / Modular construction. This new innovative technique is sustainable, efficient, cost-effective, and meeting high demands in the areas of fire resistance and sound insulation, weather resistance, load-bearing capacity, and durability. They can be used for many different applications in new building projects.

Why Ecopro Fibre Cement Boards for Prefabricated / Modular Construction?

ECOPRO fibre cement board is a pre-fab alternative to brick and mortar construction, It is green pro certified and made of cement, fly ash, cotton rag pulp, recycled newsprint paper, and other binders. It can be used for walls, mezzanines floors, furniture, roofs, shelves, and window & door frames, exterior wall cladding, etc. it adapts to the challenges that designers can give.

Ecopro boards possess qualities such as resistance to fire and moisture, durability, lightweight, strength and flexibility, and also resistance to termites and molds. It is so easy to transport and requires less labor thus saving energy too. These boards are environmentally friendly and do not contain any harmful toxic elements such as formaldehyde or ammonia that used in the manufacturing of particle board/plywood etc. Additionally, one of the important features of fibre cement boards is that being moisture resistant, It does not shrink and swells as weather changes, not like gypsum boards that get damaged if exposed to water.

All these properties make ecopro an ideal choice for modular construction, that offers safety and eye-pleasing aesthetics at the same time.

Ecopro boards come in a wide range of finishes and styles (Such as Pebble, Brick, Aquatic, Wave, and Wooden texture design options for designer boards, CNC cutting design boards, Digital print, etc.)

These boards come pre-painted with a unique technology called “stains” wherein there is no need to paint the walls except with a protective coating material if required. These all features allow homeowners to design their homes with a look they’ll always enjoy.

How Ecopro Fibre Cement Boards Can Save Time & Energy

Ecopro fibre cement boards are factory-made and require minimal masonry work only for the foundation and the rest can be installed merely by the help of frames. This saves a great amount of time as compared to masonry work. Ecopro fibre cement boards are reusable material, which means minimum wastage and smart control on inventory.

Ecopro fibre cement boards are a tried-and-true solution for thoughtful, sustainable home design. Want more info for your modern, modular home? contact us now at


What is a Roofing Underlayment and Its Different Types?

What is a Roof Underlayment?

When it comes to roofing, a large portion of homeowners isn’t aware of all that there is a layer of protection between the roofing materials and your house. This layer of protection is called roofing underlayment.

Types of Roof Underlayment

Construction of roofs demands significant investment and so it is become important to choose the right type of roof underlayment.

Today, there are four main types of roofing underlayment materials are available in the market like:-

  1. Fibre cement
  1. Asphalt-saturated felt
  1. Rubberized asphalt
  1. Non-bitumen synthetic is also known as synthetic underlayment

Fibre cement boards are water-resistant, fire-resistant, and termite resistant.

Asphalt-saturated felt and synthetic underlayment are water-resistant. Rubberized asphalt underlayment is waterproof.

1) Fibre Cement Boards

When it comes to the best material for roof underlayment, fibre cement board came up as the best option over the other material because the right underlayment for your roof will keep moisture, cold weather, and stifling summer air out, giving your roof a longer life.

Fiber Cement boards are popularly used in underlay roofing applications than the other material. Because it is a highly durable material manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of cement, pozzolana, a superior grade of cellulose fibre and binders of a siliceous base. Fibre cement sheets are increasingly being preferred for providing roofing, cladding, and siding solutions.

Advantages of Fibre Cement Boards:-

  1. Light in weight
  2. Heat and fire-resistant
  3. Weatherproof
  4. Easy to cut and drill
  5. Absorbs sound
  6. Eco-friendly
  7. Asphalt-Saturated Felt

It is one of the most common types of roof underlayment before the other type gain traction. It consists of either an organic or fibreglass substrate. Of the two organics is much more common.

It is made from the premium quality organic mat and saturated with high-grade asphalt.

While this type of roof underlayment is waterproof but not 100% waterproof like fibre cement boards. Even this type of roof underlayment does not work well under UV rays or heat.

A poor quality, asphalt-saturated felt roof underlayment is at high risk of failure. Specifically, if the underlayment absorbs moisture, this will damage the roof deck.

  1. Rubberized Asphalt

Rubberized asphalt is more expensive than other types of roofing underlayment. It is made of asphalt concrete and crumb rubber procured from recycled tires. It is a peel and stick product. It adhered directly to the decking without nails, it can create a rigid seal to keep water away from the decking.

This type of roofing underlayment material contains an important key ingredient called bitumen, which is popular in both residential and commercial roofing applications.

It is known for its durability, weather resistance, waterproof nature, and resistance to thermal shock. But it is more expensive than other types of roofing underlayment.

A fibre cement board comes as the best option against rubberized asphalt. It is less expensive and has all qualities that rubberized asphalt have.

  1. Non-Bitumen Synthetic

This synthetic underlayment contains asphalt with the addition of fibreglass, polyethylene, and polypropylene which give superior tear resistance and stability to the product. It is light in weight, long-lasting, water-resistant, fungus resistant, and easy to install.

The main drawback of this synthetic underlayment is that it is more expensive.

Why Roofing Underlayment is Necessary For Your Roof?

Roof underlayment is more than necessary; good quality of roof underlay can keep your roof lasts for years.

A Roofing Underlayment Will:

  • It protects your attic and other roofing components from moisture penetrating through the roof.
  • Add extra insulation to your home to keep it from being drafty.
  • It works as a secondary ambient barrier, optimizing the heat and sound insulation.

Ecopro fibre cement board is very popular for roof underlayment applications. It is a highly durable material manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of cement, pozzolana, a superior grade of cellulose fibre and binders of a siliceous base.

EcoPro fibre cement boards increase the aesthetic value of the building. It is cost-effective, durable, takes less time for installation, and requires no maintenance at all.

6 Best CNC Cutting Design and Decorative Ideas in 2021

With changing technology, the world of art and design form has changed significantly as well. Today people are demanding something out of box designs that look gorgeous and stunning. And bringing these designs to reality needs a special tool and the latest technology.

Especially CNC technology came as a great option which gave the incredible milestones to elegance as well as accuracy in design. These designs have taken over very high popularity on the Internet hence they are being used in home decoration, creative design for furniture, and many more.

As for the ideal surface, Fibre cement boards qualify to be the best one due to its easy workability. With the CNC machine, you can design anything that you want.

All you need is to be loaded with exquisite ideas; here are some of the best ones.

1) Leaves Patterns

When it comes to style, this leaves pattern is so- oh sweet. Try this and enhanced the exterior beauty of your home.

Leaves pattern CNC Design boards

2) Flowers Pattern

Separate your living and dining room without adding visual clutters. This beautiful flower pattern can add a charming touch to your home and cuts out the noise from the living room. This design panel can be used in dividing rooms, commercial offices, and residential spaces, etc.

Flowers CNC Design boards

3) Tree pattern

Give unique look to your exterior with CNC cut designer boards which gonna impress your guest. These panels are best to enhance architectural beauty without compromising on safety and security because these panels are designed to withstand any weather conditions, heavy traffic, etc. This design may be fantastic to watch for eco-friendly tree lovers out there.

Tree pattern CNC design boards

4) Wall art for exterior

The exterior of your office with the CNC Cut designer board is a great way to show off the uniqueness of you. Having an interesting design can give your clients something to look at while they’re waiting for a meeting or inspire your staff and create a good working environment.


5) Circular Pattern

This design is very stylish and effective. Taking this design panels and installing them outdoors where the patio and the lawn meet can make for an eye-catching demarcating structure.

Even you can use these panels in spaces that are multipurpose like cafe or office, Integrating these panels can help create a feel of a partition without a full block of wall.

ECOPRO circular cnc cut designer boards

6) Heart shape pattern

Are you looking for something new for your partition wall? Then this heart shape pattern can be the best choice for you. This design has an eye-appealing look, this CNC cut designs have a powerful aesthetical effect and can transform simple spaces into impactful ones.

heart shape pattern cnc cut designer boards
clean your rain gutter

How to Handle Leaking Roof during heavy rain?

The rainy season is upon us and we all will get relief from the sweltering heat of summer.

The Monsoon season did not come alone it comes with humidity, flooding, seeping, blockages, and a host of other problems. It affects our roads, Homes, etc.

In Monsoon season only roof can protect you and your family from the storm and heavy rain. Damage roof or leakage in the roof would leave your home’s ceiling and walls susceptible to damage and it can quickly turn into an emergency.

Here are some common roofing problems and solutions to keep your roof safe.

Inspect your Roof for a Leak

A roof leak can occur for much different reason but typically begin small and evolve into larger issues over time. Even a small hole in the roof can result in significant damage to your home. If your roof doesn’t have a proper drainage system or it too flat, water could stagnate and overtime will penetrate your roofing material and into your home.

Inspect your roof from the ground; see is there any sign that can point to a roof leak. Brown water spots on your ceilings, peeling paint around skylight are a clear sign that something may be wrong.

To avoid leaks and any kind of damage, ensure you inspect your roof periodically and never neglect maintenance.

How to fix the Leakage problem

Choose the right roofing sheets

Choosing Right roofing sheets is only the best way to avoid all roofing problems. If you’re thinking to change the roof of your building or home, choosing the right roof can material can save lots of money and expenses in the long term.

Since there are different types of roofing materials available in the market like AC Roofing Sheets, Metal Roofing Sheets, Polycarbonate Roof sheets, Plastic Roof sheets, and many more.

Particularly AC Roofing sheets are the most effective against extreme weather conditions and elements. With its most prominent features being resistant to corrosion and weatherproof, AC sheets are essential ageless and require very little maintenance!

swastik roofing sheets

Swastik Roofing sheets come as the best option when you are looking for effective roofing for your home.

Swastik roofing sheets are manufactured from a quality blend of fibre and Portland cement, using the most modern manufacturing techniques and the latest process control equipments.

Swastik roofing sheets are economical, non-corrosive, very strong, long-lasting, fire-resistant, and withstand extreme weather conditions.

Maintain Rain Gutters

Keep your rain gutter clean. Clean and well maintain rain gutter help to avoid costly repair and roof damage.  

An unclean Rain gutter is one of the most common causes of leaks is clogged gutter as this can cause the water to build up during rain.

clean your rain gutter

Clogged drains also mean rainwater will overflow, either spreading into your home or its surroundings. This becomes a concern if there are electrical conduits nearby, which will short-circuit when flooded by water.

If you are living in a heavy rainfall area, be sure to check and clean the gutters and downspouts regularly. These tips will help you to keep your roof safe during the monsoon.

Use Plastic trap

This one is the quickest way to fix a leak in your roof. Cover the complete area with a plastic trap to prevent water penetration into your home. This should offer sufficient protection during the monsoon until you change your roof.

Trim Tree

Trim trees in the surrounding areas, Ensure there are no overhanging branches that can break off and puncture your roof during inclement weather.

Call Roof Professional

If you are finding any sign of water leakage or any other kind of damage to the roof, call your area roof professional as soon as possible to avoid moisture leak inside your home.