Swastik Gold Cement Roofing or GI – Which roofing sheets would be best for your home

Swastik Gold Cement Roofing or GI – Which roofing sheets would be best for your home

Choosing the right roof for a home is arguably the most important for countless reasons. It provides protection from the elements, keeps your home warm, and protects your home’s structure, among other things. This is why when one invests in roofing, they do with the mindset of one-time investment mindset and select a roofing sheet […]

Swastik Gold Cement Roofing or Metal – Which roofing sheets would be best for your home?

Swastik Gold Cement Roofing or Metal – Which roofing sheets would be best for your home?

A Roof is a very important part of any structure, it serves as a layer between the interior and the outside world while protecting against extreme weather conditions, roofing sheet also adds aesthetical value to a house.  So, it’s become very important to understand the properties of different roofing materials before selecting the best material […]

Coloured coated roofing sheets swastik gold

Why Swastik Gold Cement Patra is best?

Sahyadri Industries’ Swastik gold cement Patra is the best-selling colour fiber cement roofing sheet in India. These roofing sheets are manufactured from a quality blend of fiber and Portland cement using the most modern manufacturing techniques and the latest process control equipment. These roofing sheets far exceed the requirement specified in the relevant Indian standards. […]

Coloured coated roofing sheets swastik gold

Swastik Gold Modern Designer Roof For Your Home

Choosing a roof is the most important aspect while building your home, business premises, school or showroom etc. You need to consider a lot of things as it determines our quality of life, the way we work and the interactions within our environment. Therefore, one has to carefully select the right roof design for the […]

Coloured coated roofing sheets swastik gold

Why you must consider Swastik Gold Colour Roofing sheet?

Choosing a Roofing material and colour is a crucial part of the construction process when it comes to building either household or commercial structures. It is important to have a stable and strong roof that can protect the inhabitants from natural conditions. Roof not only offers protection but also add aesthetic value to the project. […]

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Corrugated cement roofing in a coastal area: Best material for your projects in saline environments

While coastal home comes with unbeatable views, they also take a quite beating from high wind, salt, storms and many other elements. The roofing material that is used on a house in a coastal area, must be able to withstand all elements. The material needs to be strong enough to not fall apart under their […]

wave designer tiles

4 Trending Fibre Cement Designer Tiles For Wall in 2021

The bathroom and kitchen are the most important part of the house. It well knows fact that bathroom and kitchen sell a house, so tiles are one of the important items to invest in. Installing fibre cement tiles is an effective way to change the look and feel of a house. These tiles are available […]

external fins

4 Trending Vertical Fins Design Ideas 2021

What’s the importance of fins in Architecture? The first thing that gives the passers-by a reason to stop and stare, is the fins of the building. Innovative fins represent the creative vision of the architect. It provides the opportunity to create a personality and character in a building. It can also help achieve the goal […]

Latest Trends in False Ceiling For Hall Using Bullboard in 2021

The most interesting part of life is building your own home, creating a home and a haven for your loved ones. While it’s easy to buy a house, but it takes lot’s of efforts and planning to create your dream home and decide its interiors. There are a thousand decisions to make while building or […]

BullBoard wall cladding

Fibre Cement Boards – The Trend in Exterior Wall Cladding

Are you looking for exterior wall cladding material to make your home to be stand out in your street? Then begin with a range of wonderful design options with fibre cement boards. Be it with new construction or renovating the old building, with the fibre cement boards material and design option you can have a […]