Polyester painted sheets

4 Different Types of Roofing Sheets

Roofing sheets are installed for a wide variety of reason and there are different types of roofing sheets are available in the market. You must choose one that is fit appropriate to your circumstances. Each type has its pros and cons. Why you should use roofing sheets? People use roofing sheets for a wide variety […]

wall cladding

4 Irresistible Advantages of Using Cladding

People use wall cladding to beautify the outer look of their home. It made of stone, wood, bricks, etc. The main purpose of wall cladding is to provides beauty + protection. Benefits with cladding 1)  Increase Aesthetic Value Building cladding can dramatically change the overall look of a building and it also adds monetary value […]

Backyard poultry shelter

Backyard Poultry Shelter-Swastik Kukdookoo

Are you planning to build your own chicken coop? If yes then we have one best DIY Backyard poultry structure for you. Before starting let’s have some lookout on a few points what is a chicken coop? A chicken coop is also known as a hen house, chicken house. It is a building where female […]

Top 5 ways to use CEMPLY Flat Sheets

Top 5 ways to use CEMPLY Flat Sheets

“There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?” – Zaha Hadid No matter what ideas you have for your house, our cemply is ready to fulfill that all ! The concept of 360 degree keep on inspiring different sectors and construction industries in no exception. New products like CEMPLY , for instance, are redefining […]

Sahyadri Industries Ltd -AMP Stories

Touching the lives of millions of Indians

In 1947, when India attained freedom, Indians pledged to reach unclaimed heights. During this time Shri. Lalji Patel envisioned to transform as many lives as he could and take India beyond its past glory. He laid the foundations on which today Sahyadri Industries Limited (SIL) stands strong in the able hands of the young and […]