1.What is the Ecopro Fibre cement board used for?

Fiber cement board is a composite material made of cement reinforced with cellulose fibers. It is a building material used for cladding, partition wall, false ceiling, Door frame, Kitchen platform base, Roof underlay, Façade, Mezz. Floor etc. in both commercial and domestic applications.

2. What are the environmentally friendly qualities of an ECOPRO BOARD?

  • ECOPRO Board is non-asbestos.
  • It is substitutes of natural wood, which helps reducing forest destruction.
  • Does not harm the environment.
  • Fast and clean construction system.

3. What is AUTOCLAVE technology?

In autoclave technology, apply intense heat and pressure to eliminate moisture from fibre cement board. This leads to composite consolidation and the result is an extremely strong material.

4. What are the advantages of using Ecopro Boards?

  • Ecopro boards have many advantages. It is resistant to Water, Fire, and Termite.

5. What are the sizes and thickness available?

  • Thickness are 4,5,6,8,9,10,12,14,15,16,18,20,22,24mm.
  • Sizes are 1830 X 1220, 2440 X 1220, 3050 X 1220 & 2400 X 1200mm.

6. What will be the density of Ecopro Boards?

  • Density is 1300Kg/m3 with tolerances as per IS 14862.

7. Tools required for fixing Ecopro Boards?

  • Normal carpenter tools are enough for working with Ecopro Boards.
  • Power-driven circular saw with a stone cutting blade.
  • A power-driven drill machine can be used for making holes in boards.
  • Scoring Tool, Screw Driver, Hammer, etc.

8. What is the MOR strength of the Ecopro board?

  • Modulus of rupture (MOR) of Ecopro Board is greater than 10Mpa as per IS 14862:2000

9. What is the Screw and nail holding capacity?

  • Screw Holding Capacity on face = 183 Kg. for 18mm. Nail Holding Capacity on face = 160 Kg. for 18mm.

10. What is the Thickness & Maximum Load bearing capacity of Ecopro for the Mezzanine floor?

  • 18mm board can take load 488Kg/m2 for 2’ X 2’ M.S. grid support provided. Refer load table.

Load Table for “Ecopro” board

Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) on four supports

Thickness (mm)Span Distance (mm)Maximum UDL (Kg/sq m)













11. What type of screws and fixtures to be used on Ecopro Board?

  • Self-drilling & taping CSK screws are used for fixing boards.

12. What is the tolerances acceptable as per IS 14862?

  • As per IS 14862, thickness tolerance is 10% which means a 10mm board can be 9mm or 11mm. but, we maintain around 4-5% tolerance

13. Can you supply boards with Design finishes?

  • Designer boards of 4mm and 6mm thick are available by name Lake and Hill and Oceanic for false ceiling application and Wood Finish designer board of 8mm for Plank Siding, Cladding, etc.

14. Can Ecopro Boards are provided with recessed/beveled edges?

  • Yes, on a specific quantity on customer request.

15. Whether tiles can be fixed on Ecopro boards?

  • Ceramic wall tiles will be fixed to the Ecopro Boards by using ready to use tile adhesives of Pidilite 2k, Tile on board, and Laticrete.

16. What is the thermal conductivity of Ecopro Boards?

  • The thermal conductivity of the Ecopro Board is 0.19 W/m K. The Lower this value is, the less heat the material will transfer.

17. Can the Ecopro Board be used for external applications?

Yes, Ecopro plus the board is used for external applications. TYPE “B” boards, can be used for external applications after protecting the surface by a suitable coating of water repellent and U V resistant paint if used for a permanent application.

18. Can we construct a fire-rated partition using Ecopro Boards?

Up to 132 minutes of integrity and 122 minutes of insulation can be achieved. Fire-rated partitions are constructed using Ecopro Boards and other combination materials like Rockwool slabs, Plasterboards to achieve desired fire ratings.

19. Is Ecopro Board easily breakable? Will it get damaged when it is in a wet condition? What will happen when it absorbs water?

  • Ecopro Boards are not unbreakable material. To avoid breakages, follow the instructions,
  • During handling and shifting of Ecopro Boards should be carried by keeping on vertical position and not be handled in a flat position.
  • The boards are to be stacked on an even floor till used.
  • Boards Should be protected from rain and sun by storing in the covered area by placing the stack on pallets by protecting from the water.
  • Wet boards are never used for installation.
  • If boards are wet allow them to dry out totally.
  • Boards become weak when they are wet, but they regain their strength when become dry.
  • Use Ecopro plus boards in the wet area.

20. Can it withstand all weather conditions?

  • Yes, with all preventive care and maintenance, Ecopro boards can withstand all weather conditions.

21. Whether nailing can be done and screws can be fixed?

  • Yes, Ecopro Boards can be fixed by screwing or nailing to a framework.

22. How two Boards can be joined together?

  • Studs are used for fixing the boards. A 1mm-2 mm gap to be maintained between the boards to accommodate the expansions of the boards due to seasonal changes.

23. Can we get a total system for partition and false ceiling?

  • For false Ceiling and Partitions, we have identified manufacturers. Our clients can take accessories from them directly.

24. What are the Plank sizes & Thickness Available?

  • 150 X 2440 X 8mm., 200 X 2440 X 8mm. and also available in 1220 X 2440 X 8mm.

25. What is the minimum M.S. Grid size for roof underlay?

  • Required Min. 2ft. X 4ft. M.S. Grid for roof underlay.

26. Can we construct Acoustic partitions using Ecopro Boards?

  • Yes, you can achieve the desired STC (SOUND TRANSMISSION COEFFICIENT) Value as a partition system using the Ecopro Boards as a cladding material on the framework with infill materials like Rockwool slabs and Plasterboards as per the client requirement.

27. What are the Sections recommended for partitions and False-ceiling?

ForPartition– Floor & Ceiling Channel – Web. – 50mm, 72mm.

Flange – 35mm.

Stud – Web. – 48mm, 70mm. Flange – 48 & 50mm.

For False ceiling – Ceiling Section – Web – 51.5 mm., Flange – 26mm.

Perimeter Channel – Web – 27mm. Flange – 20 & 30mm. Intermediate Channel – Web – 45mm.Flange – 15mm.

Ceiling Angle – Flange – 10 & 25mm.

28. Can you able to train our people to make them professional applicators?

  • Yes, we can train your team for easy working on Ecopro Boards like carpenters.