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Quality and versatility are the factors that sets us apart from many others. The cemply sheets we offer are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the ever-growing and ever-changing needs of the building industry. Manufactured as per the latest IS–2096– 1992 specifications, our innovative cemply sheets are finding a place in commercial, industrial as well as residential spaces.

The versatility of the sheets and its suitability to vast application areas like furniture, side panelling, false ceiling etc, are the highlights that make them very popular in different sectors.

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With Cemply you will be Entitled to the following Benefits!
  • Good Insulator Good Insulator
  • Moisture Resisistant Moisture Resisistant
  • Non Corroding And Non Rusting Non Corroding And Non Rusting
  • Ready To Paint Ready To Paint
  • Termite Resistant Termite Resistant
  • Versatile Versatile
  • All Weather All Weather
  • Can Be Worked Easily With Garden Tools Can Be Worked Easily With Garden Tools
  • Dimentionaly Stable Dimentionaly Stable
  • Environment Friendly Environment Friendly
  • Fire Retardant Fire Retardant
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