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The Cemply G+1 is built for superior weight capacity and maximum strength endurance. This product is designed for advanced installations in areas like furnishings, office interiors, warehousing and more. This product allows you to accomplish the most cumbersome and arduous installations with the utmost ease, as the versatile nature of the product promotes maximum adaptability and ease-of-use. Cemply G+1 is certified as per the latest IS 2096-1992 specifications and is guaranteed to bring value to your business vision. Think cost-effective and build superlatively with Cemply G+1, as you progress towards more challenging business endeavors.

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With Cemply G+1 you will be Entitled to the following Benefits!
  • Good Insulator Good Insulator
  • Moisture Resisistant Moisture Resisistant
  • Non Corroding And Non Rusting Non Corroding And Non Rusting
  • Ready To Paint Ready To Paint
  • Termite Resistant Termite Resistant
  • Versatile Versatile
  • All Weather All Weather
  • Can Be Worked Easily With Garden Tools Can Be Worked Easily With Garden Tools
  • Dimentionaly Stable Dimentionaly Stable
  • Environment Friendly Environment Friendly
  • Fire Retardant Fire Retardant
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