Why Swastik Gold Cement Patra is best?

Sahyadri Industries’ Swastik gold cement Patra is the best-selling colour fiber cement roofing sheet in India. These roofing sheets are manufactured from a quality blend of fiber and Portland cement using the most modern manufacturing techniques and the latest process control equipment. These roofing sheets far exceed the requirement specified in the relevant Indian standards.

(IS 459:1992 Specification unreinforced corrugated and semi-corrugated asbestos cement sheets.

IS 3007:1969 Code of practice for laying of asbestos cement corrugated

IS 730:1978 specification for hooks and bolts for corrugated roofing sheet.)


Quality Control System

Swastik Gold fiber colour cement roofing sheets are manufactured using good quality Portland cement following IS 8112:1989 and imported fiber. All the incoming materials are subjected to strict quality control tests before being used in the process.

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