Determined to create a more sustainable future and life of dignity for all!

Sahyadri believes in developing a purpose that goes beyond the realms of corporate projects and financial gains. We pride ourselves as a socially responsible company dedicated to achieving value co-creation for communities and planet. With our three P’s strategy Planet, people and profit we integrate environmental and social concerns with our business operations to contribute to the much desired transformational change.

Focusing our CSR efforts to positively impact the society that we live in, we have taken up initiatives on the following fronts

Transforming industry, businesses, and lives
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Helping others in need is not only a responsibility of life; it is what gives meaning to life.

Helmet Awareness a Social Responsibility

Real generosity is every small attempt to bring fulfillment to others!

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While India is soaring in its Global Index, we at Sahyadri Industries Ltd.do our bit to improve its Quality of Life index. Recently our brand EcoPro undertook a campaign in Pune titled #MeSwarthi - where we ask citizens to be selfish for the right reason. With Pune Traffic Police, we educated people on the importance of wearing the helmet.







Under Swastik Disha Program of Sahyadri Industries Limited in collaboration with RYLA of Rotary (Katraj) on Occasion of International Women's Day. Organized Awareness sessions at Mamta Bal Sadan on leadership.

Swastik Disha defines a girl leader as an active learner who believes that she can make a difference in her world, and this is not about top-down leadership in the traditional sense but rather a girl’s ability to take action alone and with others to bring about positive changes in her family and community.

The main aim of the program was to make girls more confident, give them a sense of purpose, allow them to be creative and think out of the box.




Wings of Education | Supporting Education for orphans | Sindhutai Sapkal

CSR is at the heart of Sahyadri Industries Ltd. And as always our focus is on kids, be it education, health or any kind of socio-economic help they need.

Here's a look at our recent CSR activities! Helping Orphans children with the wings of education to fly in the sky of limitless possibilities.

We have done these activities at Vanvasi Gopalkrushna Bahuuddeshiya Mandal the institution run by Sindhutai Sapkal.




We are experiencing a very unique & unprecedented situation due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID -19) outbreak in our country. During the last few months, lakhs of people have been affected by a coronavirus in the country. When the whole world is experiencing such an unpredictable situation, there are certain groups of people such as Medical staff, police, and other support staff, who are working tirelessly day and night to protect us from this virus and to re-establish hope in the community. The safety of these frontline fighters is of prime importance to the nation.

In this regard Sahyadri Industries Ltd. team connected with the Pune Traffic Police Office to understand the requirement. Based on their input they provided us, Sahyadri Industries Ltd provided mouth sanitizer to Pune traffic police to ensure our brave heroes will remain safe while performing their duties.