initiatives to empower society

Women Empowerment

Sahyadri has created an innovative Backyard Poultry structure called Swastik Kukdookoo, where women from lower income backgrounds can take up poultry farming. Through this venture, Sahyadri has worked to create a suitable earning opportunity for women, and encourage them to become self-reliant and independent. In order to boost this initiative, we have tie ups with groups like Dilasa Janvikas Pratishthan which help to create a sustainable future for marginalized sections of society.

Promoting healthcare and sanitation

Since Sahyadri focuses on tackling major social concerns, it has come up with Swachhalay, a safe, hygienic, comfortable and affordable sanitation system which helps to deal with the issue of open defecation. Swachhalay has toilet units that can be erected on site within an hour and are extremely convenient to use. Sahyadri has tied up with NGOs like Habitat for Humanity in order to create greater awareness about this initiative among people.

Ensuring environmental stability

Sahyadri has revolutionized the construction industry by developing sustainable construction resources, such as Ecopro, which is created with eco-friendly materials, and is wood-free, lightweight and asbestos-free. It has also transformed the process that is used in making these resources by using sustainable materials such as fly ash in them. Such transformative moves are bound to have a positive impact on the environment and take society a step ahead in securing a greener future!

Employment opportunities and training

In our mission to provide a life of dignity for all, we boost the employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers by giving them vocational training. By attending such programs, these workers are able to fetch a better market value for their skills. Additionally, Sahyadri also provides training for technical skills, personality development and communication skills for the development of the youth workforce.

Encouraging budding sports talent

Sahyadri, through this initiative works to encourage and support young budding sports talent. It supports the NGO Lakshya to assist youngsters showcase their sports excellence at national and international arenas, including the Olympics. Through this initiative, Sahyadri aims to promote all the young talent of our nation and help them achieve their sports dreams.

Supporting educational programs

Sahyadri, through Swastik Disha, contributes to supporting children in their education. It bears the educational expenses of children at organizations like Charitable Trust of Pune Vidyarthi Gruha, Mamata Bal Sadan and the Indian Institute of education. It also provides training to girl students at Mamata Orphanage.

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A glimpse into our csr activities

Determined to create a more sustainable future and life of dignity for all, Sahyadri’s work contributes to areas that are beyond corporate projects and financial gains.

We are focused on positively impacting communities in India and this is apparent through the various initiatives that we have taken up in certain spheres, such as promoting healthcare and sanitation, supporting the educational needs of people, creating employment opportunities, encouraging budding sports talent, empowering women and ensuring environmental stability.