Building strong foundation for a stronger nation

Sahyadri’s Research and development department, SILC is synonymous with innovation and advanced solutions. We, at Sahyadri, are aspiring to provide innovative and cost-effective building materials that are environmentally-friendly. Our central goal is delivering leading-edge and feasible building materials that are environment-friendly. The SILC wing of Sahyadri along with its decades of expertise is meticulously addressing the core challenges in the building constructions material vertical like eco-sustainability, empowerment, ease, comfort, strength, cost efficiency, lower labor costs and time conservation.


Traditional methods of construction like RCC have a heavy environmental cost. With our go-green initiatives, we aim to preserve irreplaceable natural resources. Aligning with our eco-friendly principles, we strive to introduce sustainable products that eliminate the need for extensive consumption of natural resources like water, topsoil, wood and others normally used in construction having a large carbon footprint. Empowering you and simplifying your lives, Sahyadri supplies diversified solutions, from strong, customizable doors and greenest toilet blocks to building technology that can withstand mighty quakes.

Sahyadri is flourishing, innovating & conserving at every step for a better & more sustainable future for all!