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Swastik Gold Cement Roofing or GI – Which roofing sheets would be best for your home

Choosing the right roof for a home is arguably the most important for countless reasons. It provides protection from the elements, keeps your home warm, and protects your home’s structure, among other things. This is why when one invests in roofing, they do with the mindset of one-time investment mindset and select a roofing sheet that is unaffected by corrosion and does not require much maintenance.

To ensure you are picking the best possible roofing solution for your home, take a look at the comparison below to help you make an informed decision about which type of roof is best for your home.

Swastik Gold Sheet GI Sheet
Permanence without maintenance and corrosion-proof, Gains strength with age Periodic maintenance is required due to corrosion and practical service life deteriorates faster after 9-10 years.
Coverage efficiency is 50% higher taking into account lap losses The effective laid area becomes only 67% as compared to A.C. Sheet.
Purlin spacing 1400 mm max. better coverage and lower cost of Sheet not only nullify extra purlin cost but overall become economical  Purlin spacing 1600 mm maximum. Low coverage and higher cost of sheet ultimately make the roof costlier, even to the extent of 72 %
The sheet fixing process is slow but readymade accessories help in getting the job done quickly The sheet fixing process is fast but the accessories fabrication at the worksite delays the completion of the work.
Readymade accessories available make the roof complete and leakproof and do not require maintenance Since all the accessories are not ready-made, the roof is unlikely to have a complete finished look and be leakproof as well. Accessories require periodic maintenance.
Lower emissivity and thermal conductivity  Higher emissivity and thermal conductivity.
Negligible condensation effect A high condensation effect is likely to spoil valuables inside the plant.
Bad conductor of electricity Good conductor of electricity
No noise pollution  High noise pollution.
Can be stored in open space at work A closed warehouse is needed for storage to avoid the onslaught of weather.
Non rusting / corrosion, Become stronger day by day Get rusted and corroded weakens day by day
 Absorbs sound. Less noisy. very noisy under heavy rain
 Protect from outside heat due to low thermal conductivity. Heats up in summer. burn the body. forces you to sleep outside
Provides warmth on winter nights. Gets very cold on winter nights
 Maintains good shape for years. Gets de shaped in a few months
The width is more have Fewer joints. Hence requires a less number of bolts and results in lower fixing costs. The width is less hence more sheet is required, this increases the need for joints, bolts and nuts which ultimately increases the fixing cost.
    Corrugations are deep. Water flows out properly. along the valley. Corrugations are shallow. Water leaks from the sides of the joint
 Overlap of half corrugation is sufficient These costs less. Overlap of at least two corrugations is necessary This is costly
Bad electrical conductor Good electrical conductor, it is very risky in rainy season or during short circuit.
Standard accessories such as ridges, north light curves, finials, air extractors, and roofing lights are available. Standard accessories for roof design are not available
 Safe for chicken Unsafe for chicken, cattle and small children due to heat radiation
Natural stain colours which do not fade Stain, paint does not last on GI sheet. It peels off. Sheets cannot be embellished for a long time
Totally hygienic Unhygienic. harbour tetanus germs
Come in 6mm thickness Low Thickness of 0.45mm gauge
Natural teak wood design is available in two different stain options- terracotta solid and walnut Plain design
Due to dead weight, it does not blow away Gets torn off in cyclone

From this article, I think you got a clear idea of which roofing sheet will be good for your house. So, the next time you change your roof, look for that solution that is appropriate to your home’s location, appealing enough to suit your style, and will give the best value for money.

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Coloured coated roofing sheets swastik gold

Why Swastik Gold Cement Patra is best?

Sahyadri Industries’ Swastik gold cement Patra is the best-selling colour fiber cement roofing sheet in India. These roofing sheets are manufactured from a quality blend of fiber and Portland cement using the most modern manufacturing techniques and the latest process control equipment. These roofing sheets far exceed the requirement specified in the relevant Indian standards.

(IS 459:1992 Specification unreinforced corrugated and semi-corrugated asbestos cement sheets.

IS 3007:1969 Code of practice for laying of asbestos cement corrugated sheets.

IS 730:1978 specification for hooks and bolts for corrugated roofing sheet.)

Swastik Gold cement patra, Designer colour roofing sheet
Designer colour coated roofing sheet, Cement patra price
Designer colour coated roofing sheet, Cement patra price

Quality Control System

Swastik Gold fiber colour cement roofing sheets are manufactured using good quality Portland cement following IS 8112:1989 and imported fiber. All the incoming materials are subjected to strict quality control tests before being used in the process.

Testing of imported Fibers

Our all units have fully equipped laboratories with a latest testing machine to conduct a test per IS 459, IS 1626, IS 2096 & IS 2098. The finished products are also subjected to all relevant tests right from the green stage till they are dispatched, thereby ensuring high quality consistently.

Swastik Gold Fiber cement roofing sheet strength/Features

  • Durability

Swastik Gold Fiber cement roofing sheets are fully resistant to rot, mould, moss and algae. These sheets do not shrink, warp or crack due to thermal movement. Unlike other roofing materials such as metal, fiber cement roofing sheets don’t rust and are resistant to fire and chemical damage.

  • Longevity

Swastik Gold fiber cement roofing sheet maintain their strength and performance for decades with very little need for maintenance. Due to dead load, this sheet does not blow away in a cyclone or heavy rain.

  • Low Maintenance

Swastik Gold fiber cement roofing sheets are robust and can resist any extreme weather condition. These sheets come with a special stain that provides additional protection for longer life. The superior stain resists cracking and peeling. Ordinary paint starts fading very fast and in 1-2 years the roof starts looking dull and old. It ensures that the roof looks new for many years providing additional beauty to your house.

  • Vapour Permeability

Vapour permeability is another reason that makes Swastik Gold ideal for agricultural buildings and stables that avoid condensation, humidity and provide a safe, secure, comfortable space and prevent structural problems related to moisture.

  • Non-Combustible

Swastik Gold fiber cement roofings are fire- A performance rated which denote limited combustibility and resistance to spreading of flames.

  • Visual Appearance

Swastik Gold fiber cement roofing sheets are the first in industry which comes in wooden texture with three different colour options terracotta, terracotta solid and walnut. Which offer a simple, yet remarkable aesthetic to the house.

  • Sound Insulation

Swastik Gold Fiber Cement Roofing Sheets has also been tested under various heavy rainfall conditions. These roofing sheets contain Portland cement, fibers etc. which work to reflect and absorb sound waves. Therefore, Swastik Gold is a preferable roofing sheet for areas where rainfall percentage is high.

To conclude

Swastik Gold Fiber Cement Roofing Sheets provide practical solutions and benefits that other roofing sheets cannot. With great features like strength, durability, safety, longevity and reliability, many people choose Swastik Gold Roofing Sheet. These sheets are available in 6mm thickness and 2m, 2.5m, 3m in length. These roofing sheets are UV, fire, water, termite resistant and very easy to install.

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Coloured coated roofing sheets swastik gold

Swastik Gold Modern Designer Roof For Your Home

Choosing a roof is the most important aspect while building your home, business premises, school or showroom etc. You need to consider a lot of things as it determines our quality of life, the way we work and the interactions within our environment. Therefore, one has to carefully select the right roof design for the house including technical, economical and aesthetics.

Combining the best of all three is Sahyadri Industries’ Swastik Sil Gold – a fully loaded roofing solution!

Swastik gold roofing sheets are incredibly popular among roofers and contractors, and there are many good reasons for this such as it is strong, durable and comes in three different colour options (terracotta, terracotta solid, walnut) and wooden texture. Swastik gold is the first in the industry which comes with a wooden texture.

Swastik gold is manufactured from a quality blend of Cement, fly ash, Asbestos (fibre), Cellulose, these can be used for almost all roofing projects. Offices, buildings and even residences can benefit from being topped with Swastik gold roofing sheets instead of other traditional roofing materials. Swastik gold Roofing Sheets are increasingly finding widespread use, due to its unique qualities.


Swastik gold roofs come in a wooden texture that provides a classy look to the home exterior. These roofs are formed with a texture on the brink of natural wood which provides a natural inspired appearance. Also, these roofs come in sort of colour options like terracotta, terracotta solid and walnut. So let every homeowner customize their roof based to their personal style. With an attractive range of styles and colours for roofing, you don’t have to choose between design and durability, promising you both a timeless appearance and long-term protection you can be proud of.

Easy Installation

Speed and easy installation are benefits of Swastik gold roofing which can save you a lot of time, money and energy. Its length, width, size proportion, and the fact it’s lightweight make it easy to handle. 

(Swastik sil gold come in 2m,2.5m and 3m with 6mm thickness that can be easily handled and installed. )


Among all benefits of Swastik gold, its lifespan is always listed as the top benefit. Compared to metals roof or asphalt shingles, Swastik gold is far strong and durable.

Swastik Sil Gold comes with a special stain that provides protection for longer life. The superior stain resists cracking and peeling. Ordinary paint starts fading very fast and in 1-2 years the roof starts looking dull and old. It ensures that the roof looks new for many years providing additional beauty to your house.

Maximum rain and snow shedding

For those who live in heavy rain areas, Swastik gold roof is perfect for their house. Due to its dead load, it does not blow in heavy rain or in cyclones. Swastik gold comes with a special coating that sheds snow and water more easily than a Metal, asphalt or wooden roof. This significantly reduces the load on your house.

Energy efficient

Roofing material and colour are important aspects that can keep your home naturally cool or warm. Swastik Gold contains fiber cement which is certified energy-efficient roofing material. Also, the highly reflective surface of the Swastik gold allows the solar radiation to be reflected away from your home.

Thermal conductivity of the Fibre Cement roof has a low k value which ranges from 0.20 to 0.30 W/mK deeming it as a good insulation material. (Thermal conductivity, k value is a measure of the rate of heat flow through a material subjected to a temperature gradient.)

Table 1 listed the k value of various roofing materials

Material Cement roof Concrete Wood Glass Steel
K value (W/mK) 0.20 to 0.40 0.7-1.5 0.04-0.4 1-1.3 12-45

Swastik gold roof comes with a special stain that helps reduce heat gain and reflect sunlight in your home. This lowers the temperature of your house.  This can save energy and money in a house with air conditioning, or improve comfort and safety in a house without air conditioning, by reducing heat flow from the roof into the occupied space.

If you compare Swastik gold with metal and asphalt roof, both (Metal and asphalt) roof collects the heat and continues to radiate heat after sundown compare to Swastik gold.

Swastik gold roofs quickly dissipate heat when the sun sets, making the roof cool to the touch, eliminating all heat from radiating in your attic area.


Swastik gold roofing sheets are made of cement, fly ash and fiber which are naturally fire-resistant. Swastik gold receives a class-A fire rating, the highest safety-first rating. The Swastik gold won’t even ignite when it comes in contact with embers and flying sparks, providing double security to your house.

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