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Mezzanine Floor Meaning and its Different Types?

What is a mezzanine floor?

A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor within a building. They are installed to maximize unused vertical space. In an industrial setting, Mezzanine is built due to their high-ceilings and are usually free-standing, semi-permanent structures. They often used for storage of inventory or other materials.

However, the mezzanine floor is used in a variety of environments like office space, warehouses, theatres, manufacturing facilities, etc.

A semi-permanent structure used within a warehouse or in industries and permanent structure found in theatres and apartments and are often referred to as a ‘loft’ bedroom or balcony.

Mostly Businesses construct a mezzanine floor when they require extra space for storage, packing, and sorting. As per applications mezzanine floor is categorized as follows: –

  • Industrial mezzanine Floor

In manufacturing industries, sometimes companies need to store more inventory for mass production. In this situation, companies build a semi-permanent or Permanent floor system within the building. These structures are usually free-standing and, in most cases, can be dismantled and relocated. This type of application knows as the industrial mezzanine floor.

industry mezzanine floor
  • Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

Businesses are always finding ways to improve the efficiency of their distribution centre to fulfill future demands. Most warehouses have a large amount of headroom. If your business occupies the floor space, this excess space is extremely inefficient, and expansion is unnecessarily costly. This is when warehouse mezzanine comes into the picture. It offers complete flexibility for any type of storage allowing combinations of shelving, block-stacking, and long span.

  • Office Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine floor construction could be a great option for businesses that require additional office space. Mezzanine flooring is an effective way to use vertical space you already have in office premises. This means your business can grow without the expenses associated with moving or extending.

You can use an office mezzanine floor as meeting rooms, modern offices, and board rooms.

office mezzanine floor
  • Retail Mezzanine Floor

Today nobody like to go in crowed place- Now with the retail mezzanine floor, it’s very easy to maximize your space and display your items in a way that are more appealing. This way you can get more space and add more value to your premises. This will also help you to make more sales

Cemply Flat sheets

Cemply mezzanine is a great way to add value to a room. It allows the comfort of an additional bedroom or extra living space in your drawing or an excellent study, office room, or a storage loft. Whatever your choice be, Cemply provides you a ‘room in a room’ offering design, product, installation, and service support.

cemply flat sheets
  • Cemply Flat sheet is manufactured as per the latest IS 2096-1992 Specifications.
  • Cemply flat sheet with thickness 12mm,14mm,16mm, and 18mm is very popular for Mezzanine Flooring.
  • These sheets are Fire Resistance, Water Resistance, Weather Resistance, and Termite Resistance this all features make Cemply perfect choice for your mezzanine floor construction.

Weight Carrying Capacity of 18mm Cemply Sheets

Top 5 ways to use CEMPLY Flat Sheets

There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?” – Zaha Hadid

No matter what ideas you have for your house, our cemply is ready to fulfill that all!

The concept of 360 degree keeps on inspiring different sectors and construction industries in no exception. New products like CEMPLY , for instance, are redefining creativity. They are not just used as an alternative to plywood but also prove to be a great option for various other construction work.

Our cemply takes very less time in installation, It has become quite a revolutionary entrant in the construction industry.

In this article, We will unravel the top Five ways in which you can use cemply flat sheets:

1) False Ceilings

False ceilings are one of the best inventions in the era of architecture. And people want this era to be more beautiful and stylish because everyone wants to have a place that reflects their status and aura.

For this, they are always in look for something that is unique and trustworthy.

Cemply thus comes as a great option that not only amplifies the visual appearance but also offers protection from fire, water, termite.

Our cemply flat sheet offers strength, durability, and elasticity together. Even you can paint cemply as per your choice of color, also you can install downlights.


2) Partition Wall

Partition walls are useful to divide your big room into smaller ones and also provide privacy to the inmates from sight and sound.

Here cemply flat sheets come as a great option which is light in weight, impervious, durable, and fire-proof.


3) Wall Lining

when we talk about a modern and luxury house, what we pay attention to is appealing furniture, modern kitchen, Technologies, fancy decor items, etc. And for the wall, we just think of colors and design.

Apart from color and design, what we should spend a good amount of time for researching wall cladding.

Wall cladding with cemply not only provides thermal, moisture insulation but also works well as a sound absorber and it will also add additional beauty to your house.

4) Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important part of a house and a place where your ladies spend more time. So it becomes important to make this place beautiful and more secure. Using plywood you can’t keep your kitchen safe from fire, water, and thermite.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, you should keep in mind that it is safe and spacious at the same time.

Cemply thus comes as a great option that not only amplifies the visual appearance of your kitchen but also offers protection from fire, water, thermite.

Now make a secure and beautiful kitchen with cemply.


5) Mezzanine Floor

Cemply 18 is very popular for mezzanine flooring. In the industrial application, the mezzanine floor system is used as a temporary floor system and this floor system is very easy to dismantle and relocate.

Many businesses use this system for one level for storage purposes and the second level for an office.


Cemply 18 sheet provides you lightweight strong floors. Above this sheet, you can lay tiles, lightweight concrete, or anything that you want to make your floor beautiful.

The Advantages of cemply 18 are thermal resistance, acoustic resistance, water resistance, fire resistance, lightweight, easily mountable, and easily relocatable floors.

These mezzanine floors can be used in warehouses, commercial places, malls, etc.