cemply cement board

Best Flooring Material for Mezzanine Floor

In mezzanine floor construction, choosing the right flooring material is very important. But which one is most suitable depends on many factors like load-bearing capacity, durability, cost and aesthetic appearance. Among the options available in the market, Cemply18 cement board is the best choice for flooring material.

cemply cement board

In this blog will, we’ll delve into why CEMPLY 18 cement board is best for mezzanine flooring:-

  • High -Strength

Cement boards possess high strength due to the combination of fibres, cement and other additives. The fibre offers exceptional tensile strength and heat resistance, while the cement acts as a binder, forming a reinforced composite material with improved mechanical properties. This combination results in a durable material capable of withstanding heavy loads, bending, impact, and environmental factors.

  • Dimensional Stability

Cemply cement board is manufactured using the latest Autoclaving process. In this process,

the boards are subjected to high steam pressure and high temperatures of 1600 – 1800 C for a prolonged period of 14 hours. This unique curing process imparts a high degree of dimensional stability and is resistant to warping, swelling or shrinking. This means your Cemply mezzanine floor will remain flat level and structured for a longer period.

  • Fire Resistant

Cemply cement boards is highly resistant to fire spread due to their composition, including cement and fibre. Cement and fibre have low thermal conductivity, mean they prevent the spread of fire to adjacent areas and maintain the structural integrity of the boards during a fire event.

  • Moisture Resistant

Cemply cement board is highly resistant to humidity, moisture, rot and decay. This inherent moisture resistance makes cemply cement board an excellent choice for mezzanine flooring, especially in areas prone to moisture accumulation such as warehouses, factories and basements.

  • Easy installation and maintenance

Cemply cement board can be installed quickly and efficiently, providing cost cost-effective solution for expanding space in the warehouse and industrial settings.

industrial mezzanine floor

Cemply 18 Load Capaity

cemply 18 mezzanine floor

Load Capacity – 800 kg / sqmtr with standard 2*2 MS Grid Section

By choosing Cemply 18 you’re investing in a durable, safe, and long-lasting flooring solution that will serve you well for years to come.

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