BullBoard Linea Board

Linea board is a 12mm – 24mm thick fibre cement board with deep shadow lines. The superior durability, low maintenance and design flexibility set the product apart from its alternatives. And are perfect for ceiling, wall panelling.

BullBoard Designer

BullBoard designer boards are available in Wave, Pebble, Aquatic, stone and brick texture options. Perfect to add rustic charm to interiors or exteriors of your house.

BullBoard Planks

BullBoard planks are cement-based products but look like wood. This Plank is the ideal alternative to timber weatherboarding, comes with a distinctive wood grain design and pre-stained (Red Oak, Dark chocolate and walnut) options.

BullBoard Handcrafted Bricks​

Each brick is crafted individually by hand using traditional tools to reveal the true artistry of the material. No two Handmade bricks look the same, each has its own pattern and that’s exactly why they remain one of the most premium products

BullBoard CNC /Screen Boards

BullBoard CNC / screen boards are flexible and customizable, and you can get them done as per your requirement to suit your home interior or decor.

BullBoard Fused Boards​

BullBoard fused board is one of the most trusted flooring boards. It is an A1 fire-rated, non-combustible fibre cement flooring board that provides you with the benefit of lightweight yet strong floors that can withstand heavy impacts. Resistant to heat, moisture, fire and termites, the boards can be easily tailored to fit any edge and corner. It doesn’t absorb moisture, swell, break down or rot like composite decking or real wood. And unlike wood, it also doesn’t fade in the sun or peel over time, so the only time you have to repaint or stain it is if you’d like to change the colour

BullBoard Dura Tuff Boards

BullBoard Dura Tuff having high impact strength, which can be used for commercial as well as for industrial Internal/External applications. MOR (Modulus of Rupture) of this board is more than normal boards. BullBoard HSB is a Type A category IV fibre cement board as per ISO 8336. BullBoard HSB Board can ensure durability in any weather condition, resistance to water-fire-termite as well as ability to support heavier weight, thus it can be the perfect flooring material throughout the building.