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Geared towards providing excellent weight capacity and maximum strength endurance, Sahyadri’s Cemply G + 1 is the perfect choice for advanced installations like mezzanine or lofts in workshops, showrooms, home interiors, office interiors, warehouses, etc. This product, while being adaptable and cost-effective, also ensures the highly cumbersome task of adding an extra floor is accomplished with ease. Additionally, it is manufactured based on the latest IS- 2096-1992 specifications, matching all the requirements of today’s evolving construction industry. Sahyadri guarantees that Cemply G +  1 will bring unique value to your business vision!


Sahyadri Industries Limited is pleased to inform you that the equity shares of the Company are listed and admitted for dealing on the National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) w.e.f. 6th April 2023.

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