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With an unwavering commitment, Sahyadri has braced up itself to bring social transformation through Swastik Kukdookoo-a backyard poultry structure. The concept was drawn to help weaker sections especially, farmers and their women family members by creating a suitable income earning opportunity for them. The initiative has turned out to be a successful project as it has lead to translating better outcomes in terms of better lives of the targeted group. Promoting poultry farming, the Kukdookoo units have also contributed towards better health and hygiene of the farmers and their families.

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With Swastik Kukdookoo you will be Entitled to the following Benefits!
  • Gives A Secondary Income Gives A Secondary Income
  • Minimum Area Requirement Minimum Area Requirement
  • Minimum Maintainance Minimum Maintainance
  • Multiple Storey Structure Multiple Storey Structure
  • For Rural As Well As Urban Areas For Rural As Well As Urban Areas
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