4 Irresistible Advantages of Using Cladding

People use wall cladding to beautify the outer look of their home. It made of stone, wood, bricks, etc. The main purpose of wall cladding is to provides beauty + protection.

Benefits with cladding

1)  Increase Aesthetic Value

Building cladding can dramatically change the overall look of a building and it also adds monetary value to the property once the buyer comes forward to express an interest.

Today in market different types of cladding option is available, not in terms of color but also for the texture of the material.

For example, ECOPRO Bricks can be bought in a variety of colors and finished with a wide variety of styles, from polished through to rough, depending on the preference of the architect or builder.

2)  Low Maintenance

The most prominent advantage of using cladding is low maintenance as compared to the painted surface.

Cladding needs a very little cleaning and repairing. It can be quickly washed down with water and it will look as good as new.

3)  Safety and protection of the structure.

  • Cladding on the wall adds an extra layer of protection that will act as a shell to shield the material underneath.
  • It increases the mechanical strength of a structure, it reduces the water absorption,
  • It improves the resistance to cracking during temperature change, and it protects your house from the extreme weather conditions.
  • Cladding prevents moisture to get into the structure of the body.

4)  Increased Internal Insulation

Cladding also offers a high level of insulation within the building. Insulation not only in terms of heat but also in external noise.

Cladding work well as a sound absorber for a building that is situated in an urban area.

In winter season cladding regulate the home temperature.

ECOPRO BRICKS for wall cladding

When it comes to wall cladding, ECOPRO Bricks are the best in the industry which are Fire resistant, Water resistant, Termite resistant and soundproof.