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What is an Acoustic Panel and why you should use it?

You have visited Theatres, concert halls or churches, etc. Where the sound comes incredibly clear and came in at the perfect volume. It was a beautiful and immersive experience that left you thinking. “ wow I want this for my home or my business.”

Do you know the key to recording great sound? It’s not only your equipment. It’s is acoustics.

Whatever reason may be acoustically treating can make your home more aesthetically pleasing than ever before.

What is an acoustic Panel?

The acoustic panel is a sound-absorbing panel placed on walls or ceilings to reduce the unnecessary noise and echo in space. The main objective of acoustic panels is to enhance the properties of sound by improving sound quality. These panels are mostly used in the studio, Home theatres, churches, and restaurants, etc. 

How acoustic panel absorb sound?

Acoustic panels with compressed foam or wool absorb sound waves and reduce unnecessary noise.

When sound waves travel around the air and hit the surface of acoustic panels, they start vibrating and increases friction around pores of the fibers. This friction converted into heat and get dissipates quickly, so there are no sound waves left and no natural sound. The acoustic panel stops the noise from entering or exiting from the room.

The acoustic panel can improve the visual appearance of your house, they can be customized, you can use colors of any company, you can put any kind of design you want, different shapes, even adding lights is also very easy, and there are lots of possibilities with Acoustic panels.

When to use acoustic panels?

The acoustic panel is used when the echo and sound resonance of the room is too strong. This can be due to material used in the construction of the building (Glass, concrete, or metal).  

Sound with High resonance leads to tiredness and lack of concentration for their occupants. 

Hence it becomes necessary to use acoustic panel.

Where to apply acoustic panels?

It is crucial to determine the location of the acoustic panel to achieve the best performance. 

Finding the best location is depends on several factors, including 

· Type of room

· Material in the space 

· The activity of the space

· Furniture in room

In a small room like Office cabins, Meeting rooms, Bedrooms, etc walls hardest surface and very close to sound source hence sound waves bounce against these walls. For such types of room wall-mounted acoustic panels can be used. This will help absorb the sound, reducing the number of waves that are sent back into the room.

In a bigger room or large space area, where walls are not very close. Sound waves behave differently. Typically they hit to ceilings rather than walls.

In this case, an acoustic panel can be used in ceilings. This will improve the sound quality in the room.

 Important Fact:-

A Sound wave is multidirectional- it travels in all direction, it hit whatever they encounter- ceilings, walls, furniture, and people. When the sound wave hits an object some part of it passes through it and some part gets a bounce back and some part gets absorbed by the object.

And the main objective of the acoustic panel is to increase the extent to which sound waves hitting them are absorbed, to reduce their intensity and echo.