Modern Fiber Cement Sheet for Roof-Swastik Gold

A beautifully constructed dream house needs a unique roof design that provides safety and aesthetic value to the house. One has to carefully select the right roof design, colour and material for the house.

Swastik Gold- India’s first colour designer corrugated roofing sheet that offers not only performance but also superior aesthetics with smooth finishes!

Here are some reasons why you must choose Swastik gold for your house

Long Life

Swastik gold roof is manufactured using good quality Portland cement in accordance with IS 8112:1989 and imported fibre, this sheet is rust proof, rot proof and able to absorb condensation and gradually release moisture to the atmosphere. These sheets are designed for all types of environments and have a longer life than metal.

Texture and Colour

Swastik gold is the first in India to offer Colour Designer Corrugated Roofing Sheets. These sheets come with distinctive wood grain and are available in two colour options (walnut and terracotta) that are truly inspired by nature.

Swastik Gold Walnut Designer roofing sheet

Higher strength and load-bearing capacity

Swastik gold roofing sheets have good minimum yield strength that offers a better load carrying capacity compared to other Colour Coated sheets

Strong Colour coated roofing sheet

Cooler Interior

Swastik gold comes pre-stained and with a special coating which reflects or reduces the heat radiation penetrating inside the house.

Better protection during rain

For those who live in heavy rain areas, Swastik gold roof is perfect for their house. Due to its dead load, it does not blow in heavy rain or in cyclones. Swastik gold comes with a special coating that sheds water more easily also they produce much less sound than metal roofs when tested under heavy rainfall. This is another reason why people living in the coastal region opt for fibre cement roof sheets.

Swastik gold water repellent