How to Handle Leaking Roof during heavy rain?

The rainy season is upon us and we all will get relief from the sweltering heat of summer.

The Monsoon season did not come alone it comes with humidity, flooding, seeping, blockages, and a host of other problems. It affects our roads, Homes, etc.

In the Monsoon season only roof can protect you and your family from the storm and heavy rain. Damage roof or leakage in the roof would leave your home’s ceiling and walls susceptible to damage and it can quickly turn into an emergency.

Here are some common roofing problems and solutions to keep your roof safe.

Inspect your Roof for a Leak

A roof leak can occur for much different reason but typically begin small and evolve into larger issues over time. Even a small hole in the roof can result in significant damage to your home. If your roof doesn’t have a proper drainage system or is too flat, water could stagnate and over time will penetrate your roofing material and into your home.

Inspect your roof from the ground; see is there any sign that can point to a roof leak. Brown water spots on your ceilings, and peeling paint around the skylight are clear signs that something may be wrong.

To avoid leaks and any kind of damage, ensure you inspect your roof periodically and never neglect maintenance.

How to fix the Leakage problem

Choose the right roofing sheets

Choosing Right roofing sheets is only the best way to avoid all roofing problems. If you’re thinking to change the roof of your building or home, choosing the right roof can material can save lots of money and expenses in the long term.

Since there are different types of roofing materials available in the market like AC Roofing Sheets, Metal Roofing Sheets, Polycarbonate Roof sheets, Plastic Roof sheets, and many more.

Particularly AC Roofing sheets are the most effective against extreme weather conditions and elements. With its most prominent features being resistant to corrosion and weatherproof, AC sheets are essential ageless and require very little maintenance!

swastik cement roofing sheet

Swastik Roofing sheets come as the best option when you are looking for effective roofing for your home.

Swastik roofing sheets are manufactured from a quality blend of fibre and Portland cement, using the most modern manufacturing techniques and the latest process control equipments.

Swastik roofing sheets are economical, non-corrosive, very strong, long-lasting, fire-resistant, and withstand extreme weather conditions.

Maintain Rain Gutters

Keep your rain gutter clean. Clean and well maintaining rain gutter help to avoid costly repair and roof damage.  

An unclean Rain gutter is one of the most common causes of leaks in clogged gutter as this can cause the water to build up during rain.

Clogged drains also mean rainwater will overflow, either spreading into your home or its surroundings. This becomes a concern if there are electrical conduits nearby, which will short-circuit when flooded by water.

If you are living in a heavy rainfall area, be sure to check and clean the gutters and downspouts regularly. These tips will help you to keep your roof safe during the monsoon.

Use Plastic trap

This one is the quickest way to fix a leak in your roof. Cover the complete area with a plastic trap to prevent water penetration into your home. This should offer sufficient protection during the monsoon until you change your roof.

Trim Tree

Trim trees in the surrounding areas, Ensure there are no overhanging branches that can break off and puncture your roof during inclement weather.

Call Roof Professional

If you are finding any sign of water leakage or any other kind of damage to the roof, call your area roof professional as soon as possible to avoid moisture leak inside your home.