Swastik Gold Cement Roofing or Metal – Which roofing sheets would be best for your home?

A Roof is a very important part of any structure, it serves as a layer between the interior and the outside world while protecting against extreme weather conditions, roofing sheet also adds aesthetical value to a house.  So, it’s become very important to understand the properties of different roofing materials before selecting the best material for your house.

Choosing the right material will be a little confusing and daunting but it decides the longevity and durability of your roof.

There are two most common types of roofing sheets: –

  • Swastik Gold Cement corrugated roofing sheet
  • Metal Roofing Sheet

Swastik Gold Cement corrugated roofing sheet / Cement Patra

Swastik fiber cement roofing sheets /Cement Patra are manufactured from a quality blend of fiber and Portland cement using the most modern manufacturing techniques and the latest process control equipment. Swastik fiber cement roofing sheet far exceed the requirement specified in the relevant Indian standards. (IS 459:1992 Specification unreinforced corrugated and semi-corrugated asbestos cement sheets. IS 3007:1969 Code of practice for laying of asbestos cement corrugated sheets. IS 730:1978 specification for hooks and bolts for corrugated roofing sheet.)

Swastik gold roofing sheets are perfect for Farmhouses, resorts, G+1 Houses, School buildings etc.

Aluminium Metal Roofing sheet

These roofing sheets are mostly used for backyard sheds, garages, industrial buildings and garden roofing etc. These roofing sheets are available in lots of styles, textures and colours, also they are very less curvy than corrugated roofing sheets.

1 AC Sheets & accessories are comparable with all types of building materials and corrosion-free and do not have galvanic chemical action. Al sheets in the presence of moisture result in galvanic action and corrosion of one of the two metals joined especially with iron, copper & lead.
2 Do not require any protective
Always require a protective coating (Bituminous) to avoid any direct contact with Cement, lime, soil, iron, copper etc.
3 Standard GI fixing accessories can be used & do not require any additional treatment. Additional stitch bolts are not required at every side lap, at an interval of 305 mm and an extra hook bolt per purlin/sheet width as in the case of Aluminium Sheeting. All G.1. fixing accessories in lieu of costlier Al fixing
accessories, need to be treated specially at an additional cost to prevent galvanic action. The use of additional stitch bolts and hook bolts increases fixing accessories costs considerably.
4 A complete range of readymade roofing accessories are available which makes the roof complete and leakproof. Roofing accessories have to be duly performed out of costly Al building sheets only as GI accessories cannot be used. It is unlikely to have a completely finished look and be leakproof.
5 AC Ridges are efficiently designed to match the profile of the Sheet, thus making the joint leakproof. Costly bituminous or plastic filler blocks are used for sealing the joints at the ridge and eaves lines.
6 Dimensionally stable. Has a relatively high coefficient of linear expansion and low flexural rigidity
7 AC Sheet can be cut across easily by an ordinary wood saw. Cutting across AI Sheet is a hazardous process.
8 Lower emissivity and thermal conductivity. The formation of inert aluminium oxide over the exposed surface reduces the emissivity and has high thermal conductivity.
9 Negligible condensation effect. A high condensation effect is likely to spoil valuables inside the shed.
10 No noise pollution Very high noise pollution. Over purlin, lining at an additional cost for a reduction in sound is recommended.
11 Can be stored in open space at the work site Needs a closed godown for storage to avoid weather assaults.
12 Coverage efficiency is approx. 50% higher taking into account lap loss. The effective laid area becomes only 67% as opposed to A.C. Sheet
13 Purlin spacing 1400 mm max. better coverage area and lower cost of AC sheet not only nullify extra purlin cost but overall becomes economical. Fixing accessories cost is much less than Al Sheeting. Purlin spacing 1600 mm max. A case where purlin spacing is increased not conforming to any IS code. Low coverage and higher cost of sheets ultimately make the roof costlier even to the extent of 55%
14 Natural stain colours which do not fade   Fading of colour
15 Come in 6mm thickness Low Thickness of 0.45mm gauge
16 Natural teak wood design is available in three different stain options- terracotta solid and walnut Plain design  
17 Heat transmission is less in the summer season Heat transmission is more in the summer season
18 Due to dead weight, it does not blow away Gets torn off in a cyclone

From this article, I think you got a clear idea of which roofing sheet will be good for your house. Swastik gold cement roofing sheets are the most inexpensive and extremely durable options and come with many great features like strength, safety, longevity and reliability, many people choose Swastik Gold Roofing Sheet. These sheets are available in 6mm thickness and 2m, 2.5m, and 3m lengths. These roofing sheets are UV, fire, water, and termite resistant and very easy to install.

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