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Why Swastik Gold Cement Patra is best?

Sahyadri Industries’ Swastik gold cement Patra is the best-selling colour fiber cement roofing sheet in India. These roofing sheets are manufactured from a quality blend of fiber and Portland cement using the most modern manufacturing techniques and the latest process control equipment. These roofing sheets far exceed the requirement specified in the relevant Indian standards.

(IS 459:1992 Specification unreinforced corrugated and semi-corrugated asbestos cement sheets.

IS 3007:1969 Code of practice for laying of asbestos cement corrugated sheets.

IS 730:1978 specification for hooks and bolts for corrugated roofing sheet.)

swastik gold walnut roofing sheet

Quality Control System

Swastik Gold fiber colour cement roofing sheets are manufactured using good quality Portland cement following IS 8112:1989 and imported fiber. All the incoming materials are subjected to strict quality control tests before being used in the process.

Testing of imported Fibers

Our all units have fully equipped laboratories with a latest testing machine to conduct a test per IS 459, IS 1626, IS 2096 & IS 2098. The finished products are also subjected to all relevant tests right from the green stage till they are dispatched, thereby ensuring high quality consistently.

Swastik Gold Fiber cement roofing sheet strength/Features

  • Durability

Swastik Gold Fiber cement roofing sheets are fully resistant to rot, mould, moss and algae. These sheets do not shrink, warp or crack due to thermal movement. Unlike other roofing materials such as metal, fiber cement roofing sheets don’t rust and are resistant to fire and chemical damage.

  • Longevity

Swastik Gold fiber cement roofing sheet maintain their strength and performance for decades with very little need for maintenance. Due to dead load, this sheet does not blow away in a cyclone or heavy rain.

  • Low Maintenance

Swastik Gold fiber cement roofing sheets are robust and can resist any extreme weather condition. These sheets come with a special stain that provides additional protection for longer life. The superior stain resists cracking and peeling. Ordinary paint starts fading very fast and in 1-2 years the roof starts looking dull and old. It ensures that the roof looks new for many years providing additional beauty to your house.

  • Vapour Permeability

Vapour permeability is another reason that makes Swastik Gold ideal for agricultural buildings and stables that avoid condensation, humidity and provide a safe, secure, comfortable space and prevent structural problems related to moisture.

  • Non-Combustible

Swastik Gold fiber cement roofings are fire- A performance rated which denote limited combustibility and resistance to spreading of flames.

  • Visual Appearance

Swastik Gold fiber cement roofing sheets are the first in industry which comes in wooden texture with three different colour options terracotta, terracotta solid and walnut. Which offer a simple, yet remarkable aesthetic to the house.

  • Sound Insulation

Swastik Gold Fiber Cement Roofing Sheets has also been tested under various heavy rainfall conditions. These roofing sheets contain Portland cement, fibers etc. which work to reflect and absorb sound waves. Therefore, Swastik Gold is a preferable roofing sheet for areas where rainfall percentage is high.

To conclude

Swastik Gold Fiber Cement Roofing Sheets provide practical solutions and benefits that other roofing sheets cannot. With great features like strength, durability, safety, longevity and reliability, many people choose Swastik Gold Roofing Sheet. These sheets are available in 6mm thickness and 2m, 2.5m, 3m in length. These roofing sheets are UV, fire, water, termite resistant and very easy to install.

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