Corrugated cement roofing in a coastal area: Best material for your projects in saline environments

While coastal home comes with unbeatable views, they also take a quite beating from high wind, salt, storms and many other elements. The roofing material that is used on a house in a coastal area, must be able to withstand all elements. The material needs to be strong enough to not fall apart under their environmental pressures.

Why fibre cement roof is best?

A corrugated fibre cement roof is ideal for a house in the coastal area. They are strong enough to withstand any weather conditions. Many years of testing and experience have demonstrated that fibre cement roof sheets are not affected by the salinity found in the air in coastal areas.

The advantages of fibre cement roofing sheets: –

From their impressive strength and durability to sustainability and fire safety, fibre cement roof offers many practical benefits.


Fibre cement roofing sheets properties making them fully resistant to mould, rot, moss and algae. Their robust construction ensures that there is no risk of warping, shrinkage, or breakage due to harsh weather in the structure. Unlike a metal roof that gets corrode in a coastal area, a fibre cement roof will not rust. So there no need to worry about unexpected damage to your fibre cement roof.


Fibre cement roof sheets are known for longevity. The best quality fibre cement roofs can last 40–50 years. Fibre cement roofing maintains its strength and quality performance with little need for maintenance. This benefit makes fibre cement roof an ideal choice for farmers, home and business owners looking for a long-term investment that requires less maintenance.

Low maintenance

Fibre cement roofing requires less maintenance, just by using soft sponges, water and mild detergent to remove excess dirt and debris you can keep the roof clean.

Super weather protection

Corrugated fibre cement roofing is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. Whether it is heavy rain, the wind of the coastal area or the extreme heat of the summer, the Corrugated fibre cement roofing is highly resistant to harsh weather.

Sound insulation

Fibre cement roofing sheets offer superb levels of acoustic insulation. In fact, fibre cement roofs produce much less sound than metal roofs when tested under heavy rainfall. This is another reason why people living in the coastal region opt for fibre cement roof sheets.

Why Swastik roof?

Swastik roofing sheets are manufactured from a quality blend of fibre and Portland cement using the most modern manufacturing techniques and latest process equipment. Sahyadri Industries Ltd. has monitored the product’s performance across a wide range of climatic conditions. This product from Sahyadri Industries Limited offers you aesthetic and protection from extreme weather conditions.

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