swastik gold designer roof

Why you must consider Swastik Gold Colour Roofing sheet?

Choosing a Roofing material and colour is a crucial part of the construction process when it comes to building either household or commercial structures. It is important to have a stable and strong roof that can protect the inhabitants from natural conditions. Roof not only offers protection but also adds aesthetic value to the project.

Today Recent development in technology has created various options in terms of roofing materials. Among these, Swastik Gold colour coated with wooden texture roofing sheets has gained popularity in the construction field lately. This is largely due to their durability and flexibility which helps with the installation.

Swastik Gold Walnut Designer roofing sheet

3 Reasons for you to consider colour-coated roofing sheets for your project: –

Weather Resistant

Swastik gold sheets are manufactured from a quality blend of Cement, fly ash, & Cellulose fiber. Swastik gold sheets are strong enough to protect the building from heavy rainfall, strong winds, hailstorms, or any extreme weather conditions. Moreover, the quality also remains unaffected in such situations. 

Appealing to eye

Swastik gold roofs come in 3 different colour ranges Terracotta, Terracotta Solid, and Walnut. These colour roofs help people to enhance their homes aesthetically. People can choose any size and colour of the roof as per their requirements to make it look appealing.


Swastik gold roofing sheet is very popular in the construction industry because of its durability. These coloured roofing sheets come with special stains, that protect the sheet from rusting, UV rays, Fungus/Algae, etc. Swastik Gold can also withstand all kinds of temperature and environmental conditions which increases their durability and makes them last for years. 

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