handcrafted bricks for wall cladding

Fibre Cement Boards – The Trend in Exterior Wall Cladding

Are you looking for exterior wall cladding material to make your home to be stand out in your street? Then begin with a range of wonderful design options with fibre cement boards.

Be it with new construction or renovating the old building, with the fibre cement board material and design option you can have a visually stunning home that has a character, personality, and individual style.

Cladding with fibre cement boards not just adds an attractive look to the building but also serves as a protective skin for the building and its interior against the sun, rain, wind, temperature extremes, fire, moisture, noise, pests, and even pollutants. It is an excellent insulator, safeguards against structure deterioration and makes the interior more energy efficient.

Sahyadri Industries Ltd makes fibre cement boards in wood, stone, and brick patterns under the brand name of BullBoard that are perfect for exterior wall cladding purposes. The BullBoards boards are durable, easy to work with, and available in a wide range of modern design options. It is versatile and cost-effective enough to be used for large and small projects.

For homeowners who are looking for ideas on how to use BullBoards fibre cement cladding on the walls but aren’t sure where to start, there are dozens of design possibilities you can try. Check out the top exterior wall cladding ideas you can use to give your property a fresh look this year.

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Handcrafted Bricks Pattern

This design is for those who seeking something different for their walls. Its design gives your structure natural elegance and style that is also unique from other styles of cladding.

It requires low maintenance, especially if you compare it with external painting. And just by simple washing, you can keep the bricks in the best condition.


CNC Cut has tremendous ways to redefine the ways of how we think of the design.CNC cutting almost revolutionized the field of designing. An exterior wall with CNC design is a unique way to show off the creative flair as well as proving a reason for viewers to observe the beauty of your workspace or home.

Natural Wood colour

This one is a highly-rated cladding option after brick and CNC cladding. This one brings attractive finishes to the wall when installed. Bullboard plank is fibre cement siding that offers a perfect solution for your cladding requirements. These planks are fire, water, and termite resistant and have a high impact strength which makes them an ideal choice to protect your exterior walls from extreme weather conditions.

Bullboards Planks can be installed either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, meaning there’s a wide scope of design options available. Having a wider range of design options to choose from increases the probability of achieving the ideal look for your home.

Sahyadri Industries Ltd is a leading fibre cement board manufacturer in India. Fibre cement boards are preferred by architects all over as the most optimal & cost-effective choice for exterior wall claddings. To explore a range of cladding ideas and visit the demo building, contact BullBoard today!