modular prefab house using ecopro

Construct a prefabricated structure using fibre cement boards.

Gone are the days when we had to wait longer to get possession of our house. Now the world is adopting prefabricated / Modular construction. This new innovative technique is sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective, and meets high demands in the areas of fire resistance and sound insulation, weather resistance, load-bearing capacity, and durability. They can be used for many different applications in new building projects.

Why Ecopro Fibre Cement Boards for Prefabricated / Modular Construction?

ECOPRO fibre cement board is a pre-fab alternative to brick and mortar construction, It is green pro certified and made of cement, fly ash, cotton rag pulp, recycled newsprint paper, and other binders. It can be used for walls, mezzanine floors, furniture, roofs, shelves, and window & door frames, exterior wall cladding, etc. it adapts to the challenges that designers can give.

prefab house made using ecopro

Ecopro boards possess qualities such as resistance to fire and moisture, durability, lightweight, strength and flexibility, and also resistance to termites and molds. It is so easy to transport and requires less labour thus saving energy too. These boards are environmentally friendly and do not contain any harmful toxic elements such as formaldehyde or ammonia that are used in the manufacturing of particle board/plywood etc. Additionally, one of the important features of fibre cement boards is that being moisture resistant, It does not shrink and swells as weather changes, not like gypsum boards that get damaged if exposed to water.

All these properties make ecopro an ideal choice for modular construction, that offers safety and eye-pleasing aesthetics at the same time.

Ecopro boards come in a wide range of finishes and styles (Such as Pebble, Brick, Aquatic, Wave, and Wooden texture design options for designer boards, CNC cutting design boards, Digital print, etc.)

prefabricated house made using ecopro

These boards come pre-painted with a unique technology called “stains” wherein there is no need to paint the walls except with a protective coating material if required. These all features allow homeowners to design their homes with a look they’ll always enjoy.

How Ecopro Fibre Cement Boards Can Save Time & Energy

Ecopro fibre cement boards are factory-made and require minimal masonry work only for the foundation and the rest can be installed merely by the help of frames. This saves a great amount of time as compared to masonry work. Ecopro fibre cement boards are reusable material, which means minimum wastage and smart control on inventory.

modular house using ecopro fibre cement boards

Ecopro fibre cement boards are a tried-and-true solution for thoughtful, sustainable home design. Want more info for your modern, modular home? contact us now at