4 Trending Fibre Cement Designer Tiles For Wall in 2021

The bathroom and kitchen are the most important part of the house. It well knows fact that bathroom and kitchen sell a house, so tiles are one of the important items to invest in. Installing fibre cement tiles is an effective way to change the look and feel of a house. These tiles are available in different kinds of designs, shape, colours, making them a perfect fit for any room. When it comes to wall tiling in your kitchen, bathroom etc. You must plan properly and trendy because a small mismatch may ruin your house image.
In this article, we will tell you some beautiful Bullboard fibre cement designer tiles that match your creativity, which can be executed in your dream home.

Bullboard Wave designer tiles
Aquatic Design Tile

The above tile looks best for the bathroom and kitchen ceiling and wall. The design in the above tiles makes it a unique piece for the kitchen and bathroom wall. The harness of fibre cement tile makes it durable for long years and its beautiful textures and patterns give a versatile and decent appearance to bathrooms. The water seepage resistant features and allergen-resistant properties make it undoubtedly the best tile option for a trendy and luxurious bathroom.

Fibre cement Pebble designer tile
Pebble Design Tile
Fibre cement Pebble and stone designer tile
Pebble and Stone Design Tile

Pebble, one of the famous design for anyone who loves the rustic beauty and tranquillity of nature. The most popular use of pebble tile are in the bathroom, with Bullboard fibre cement pebble tile, you will feel like you have added a natural element to your shower wall. Pebble tiles can be used almost anywhere, including the kitchen and the outdoors.

Stone Design Tile

Bullboard Fibre cement stone designer tile brings amazing textures into modern interior design. With its 3D effect, it adds a new dimension to the wall and taking what used to be a simple space into a whole other level. You can use these tiles in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, exterior etc.

3D Tiles are a great way to make a bathroom feel luxurious and unique. These soft raised wave designs can give a calming effect. However this design so versatile allowing you to add an area of interest in any room.
BullBoard is committed to offering sustainable building materials solutions that offer beauty, style, and performance. BullBoard fibre cement boards have the GreenPro Ecolabeland one of the premium fibre cement boards to guarantee contribution to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) credits on every project.

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